EHS Airbox Mod For The Kawasaki Teryx

| October 14, 2011

by: Chad Nelson, Fuel UTV

Not to long ago I got this EHS Airbox pre filter mod, I have changed my exhaust and knew I needed an open air box for the added air needed. I have seen alot of people running with just the air box cover off and did not like the huge amounts of dirt and sand that accumulates in the box itself. Most aftermarket intakes offer the outerwear slip on covers, I for one really like the Foam Uni filter and wanted a solution for the open air box dirt trap. One day cruising the internet I came across EHS racings new Teryx 750 Custom air box cover mod. This fit the bill of what I was looking for and in a convenient pre package form. They offer two variations of the Teryx air box mod. one with just the Outerwear and the billet bracket for mounting and the other complete with the 2008 air box lid fitted with the Outerwear. One draw back is that you will need the 2008 air box lid for correct fitment, but I found one online for $19.99 so not to spendy. So far so good 3 rides in the Desert with no sand in my air box to speak of. A great easy to install mod or you can buy the complete kit.

For more info contact: Eric at EHS racingĀ


Little update been riding almost every other day for at least 30min or so and today I cleaned my filter for the first time after regular checks since installing the EHS mod. The filter speaks for itself. Not much there for 90% sandy desert riding.

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