Tekonsha Announces the “GREAT BRAKE EXCHANGE” Consumer Rebate

| May 5, 2011

Tekonsha’s family of smartly designed, top-line trailer braking controls provide optimal trailer brake performance.  Proportional electric trailer brake controls, breakaway systems and self-adjusting brake assemblies work together to provide the most intuitive braking response available from your trailer.   

For years the Tekonsha brand of electric trailer brake controls have set the industry standard for smooth proportional braking.  “The fact that we are able to combine our patented technology with a more predictable braking environment gives us the opportunity to meet the driver’s expectation that stopping will be a secure and consistent experience,” states Marcia Albright, VP/GM Cequent Performance Products’ Electrical and Braking Division. “Future braking improvements will continue to support our system-approach to light duty trailer stopping.”

“Electric trailer brakes have been the industry standard for generations and haven’t changed much from their original design” explains Albright. “Recent design improvements have resulted in brakes that are not only economical but are also capable of adapting to the wear incurred over time.  Our self-adjusting electric brake assemblies constantly adjust for pad wear, eliminating the need for manual adjustments.” 

Tekonsha self-adjusting electric trailer brake assemblies are currently available for both 10-inch and 12-inch wheel assemblies.  Installing these optimal electric brake upgrades can be done while the customer waits. 

Now here is the best part …

From April 1 through July 31, 2011 Tekonsha is offering “The Great Brake Exchange,” a program that invites owners to bring their trailers to any Tekonsha dealer and, when replacing their standard electric trailer brakes, will save $15 on a pair of self-adjusting brakes … or … $40 on the combined purchase of a pair of self-adjusting trailer brakes with a Tekonsha proportional brake control. Qualifying proportional brake control systems include: Prodigy® P2, P3,®   Primus™ IQ, or the trailer mounted Prodigy® RF.  Details can be found on the Tekonsha website at www.tekonska.com.

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