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We have several different ad options and and cost structures. Please Email for ad rates and options.


We often receive inquiries from people wanting to know if they can contribute to the website by posting content The answer is ABSOLUTELY! Your submission also qualifies you to be a part of the Editor’s Pick of the Week and there will be a link to your story on our weekly email for all to see!

The world is a big place with countless stories waiting to be told. These articles can be anything from trip reports, to product reviews and more…   We fully credit you, and will ensure a link to your website in exchange for your articles.  We want to hear from you!
We also know that not everyone is a writer.  That’s ok!  We can help!  Do you have pictures or an idea, but not the words?  Let us know what your thoughts are and we can help! Who knows, your idea may wind up being the Editor’s Pick of the Week!

Please email with a summary of the area of interest you wish to post about, a summary of your story, or heck, if you have already completed the story then send it on over.   Include in the body of your email all contact information including full name and phone number. Images should be less than 100k and no larger than 800 x 800 (send a couple to start, and then we can work towards more.)
Look forward to reading your story!


We want to hear from you and see what you are doing!  Email us your favorite photo with your UTV and we will post it in the Mail Box Photo section.  Have a You Tube that you want to share?  Email us the link, let us check it out and post it in the Video section.  Every week there will be a winner picked for the Photo of the Week and the Video of the Week.  We will highlight your photo or video on the email that goes out to all our readers that week…do you really want to pass up that opportunity?  Email your submission along with a quick story, your full name, city, state and phone number to


If you have a new Side x Side Vehicle, Product, Event Announcement or UTV news that you would like for us to post, please submit the info to  Make sure you include: Product description, company name, phone and website. Images should be less than 100k and no larger than 800 x 800.


If you have an event, race, ride or land use meeting coming up, big or small, please let us know so we can post on our calendar!  We also encourage you to take pictures and submit a event recap for all to see!  Please submit the event name, date, location, website address and any specific information you would like us to post to


You have our permission to add to your distribution list for UTV related products and news.  We want to stay at the cusp of the UTV and Side X Side market and know that you have the information in your hands.  Never hesitate to send us a write up on your new product, event series, event recap, or any other UTV business related information.  Make sure you include: Company name, phone and website. Images should be less than 100k and no larger than 800 x 800.


We believe we must put all efforts forward to keep the land open for the UTV market and enthusiasts!  We must all give back to the trails and land that we love and (unfortunately) fight to keep them open.  Submit your local challenges, or your local success stories!  We have a section dedicated for Your Land Use Support Stories.  Weather your club picked up trash over the weekend, or your kids had a local bake sale to help raise funds, we want to help you spread the word!  We also have a Land Use calendar that we can post any and all meetings.  Please submit all Land Use information to