A washable & reusable, replacement High-Flow Air Filter designed to provide increased performance.

| August 3, 2013

April 2013, K&N Engineering, Inc., releases an OE Replacement High-Flow Air Filter for 2010-2013 POLARIS® RANGER RZR® 170 Model Side by Sides.  This K&N XD High-Flow Air Filter was designed and manufactured in the USA with the highest-quality materials to provide the RZR® 170 low intake restriction while increasing performance and offers high dirt capacity, resulting in long service intervals.

DESCRIPTION:  OE Replacement High-Flow Air Filter  REPLACES OE PART NO: 1262218

K&N PART NO:  PL-1710                                                 MSRP:  SEE WEBSITE



S        Designed to lower air-flow restriction & increase performance

S        Deep 5/8” pleats provide a large surface area and long service intervals

S        “XD” specific media offers excellent filtration

S        Pliable, Urethane clamping surface offers absorption of vibration

S        No Fuel-Management Modifications necessary

S        Washable, Reusable, Pre-Oiled & Ready for installation

One-Year Limited Warranty®



High-Flow Air FilterK&N’s “new” PL-1710 High-Flow Air Filter was developed specifically for POLARIS’s Ranger RZR 170 Youth Model Side by Side.  This filter is designed to provide low restriction, resulting in increased throttle-response, horsepower and torque.  The deep 5/8” pleated “XD” media provides a large filtration area offering high-flow, long service intervals and excellent filtration.  This filter is designed to slide directly onto the OE Air Filter Intake without any fitting or cutting required.  The pliable Urethane clamping surface offers absorption of vibration in extreme environments while ensuring a secure fit and extra-long life.  K&N High-Flow Air Filters have been made in the USA for over 40 years.

            • No Fuel-management modifications necessary to obtain increased performance

• Washable & reusable, pre-oiled and ready for installation 

Covered by K&N’s One Year Limited Warranty®



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