UTV Weekly Hunts at the 2009 Sand Sports Super Show

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The Sand Sports Super Show has closed the gates, but we can still take you inside over 40 booths and to even more through pictures.






Jon was clickin away again on Sunday… Here is another gallery of great pictures…

Trevor Kaplan from SSV Works turns down the stereos in his booth to show us how to turn up the tunes in your UTV.  www.ssvworks.com

Clint Barry shows us an debuting radiator and oil cooler for the Kawasaki Teryx from PWR Performancewww.pwr-performance.com

Mastercraft Seats Lizard Fonnegra shows off their stock replacement Rhino seats and their brand new racing suits.  www.mastercraftseats.com

Bill Hindorff from Fox Racing Shox talks to us about their shock and a debut product for this show!  www.foxracingshox.com

DJ Safety has a complete line of safety products for you and your UTV.  Loren Hill explains some of their seat belt options and more.  www.djsafety.com

Kevin Kohrell from Custom Creations talks about the importance of safety and the cages that they build along with their long travel kit.  www.customcreationsatv.com

Yes! FabTech Suspension is available for your UTV also!  Did you know that they have a whole catalog of products?  Gary Woofter shows us around their Rhino and we of course get distracted for a minute with the FabTech race Rhino in the booth too!  www.fabtechmotorsports.com

Shawn Gibson from Gibson Exhaust gives us some great information on their complete line up of exhaust systems for the UTV’s.  www.gibsonperformance.com

Extreme Performance, one of the leaders in the Sand Car industry, has taken their knowledge and is introducing a whole new line of products at this show.  Richard Zesk takes us through the lineup and talks about a couple of very unique parts.  www.extremeperformance1.com

Brian Bennett from Long Travel Industries shows off one of the hottest UTV’s at the show, and tells us more about his product line.  www.longtravelindustries.com

Kelly Colson from Hot Ride 4U shows off their Hot RZR and just some of the accessories that you can purchase online at www.hotride4u.com

If you have ever wondered how to keep all of your “stuff” secured into the bed of your UTV, PU Products has the answers.  Mitch Weiss shows us all kinds of great options.  www.pu-products.com

Brian Hatch from AO Coolers knows how to keep your drinks cool in these soft sided bags!   www.aocoolers.com

Xtreme Machine & Fabrication has a complete line of UTV accessories that will knock your socks off as Scott Mears will explain.  www.xtrememf.com

TMW Offroad rocks and races at their shop in AZ.  Doug Tyler walks us through one of his RZR builds and talks about other products that are available.  www.tmwoffroad.com

Leo Grillas from Twisted Stitch shows us their new RZR bench and more!  www.twistedstitch.com

Mafia Industries is known for their long travel kit…but they can do a lot more!  Listed as Jeff Smith walks us through one of the best looking vehicles at the show!  www.mafiaind.com

Holz Racing Performance’s own Mark Holz has taken the WORCS Championship this year!  Check out his Polaris RZR and all the product that they have available at Holz.  www.holzracingproducts.com

Griff Hamilton from PRP Seats walks us down to line to see all the different seats that are available.  www.prpseats.com

Mike from Axia Alloys shows you how you can mount just about anything to your roll cage.   www.axiaalloys.com

SDR Motorsports Tim Berendes walks us through one of his custom builds and all of the products that they stock online at www.sdrmotorsports.com

Here is a photo gallery of Saturdays pictures…WOW!

Gear One‘s Keith Ayers helps solve all the breakable items on your UTV.   www.gear-one.com

Endi from Side X Side Customs has an waterproof stereo system that you have to check out!  www.sidexsidecustoms.com

PDS Fabrications has some easy to bolt on products debuting for 2010 as Jake will show us.  www.pdsfabrication.com

Dasa Racing‘s Steve Engle broke out the screw driver and tore down his Kawasaki Teryx to show us a brand new product!  www.dasaracing.com

There were a lot of racers wandering the aisles of the Sand Sports Super Show.  We caught up with the current M4SX champion RJ Anderson from Walker Evans Racing at the Holz Racing booth.   www.walkerevansracing.com www.holzracingproducts.com

ITP Tires and Wheels is always on the gas with new products.  Jamie Chisholm shows us two…  www.itptires.com

Factory UTV racing has the RZR170 figured out as Bob Balunda shows us a lot of different options.  www.factoryutv.net

Still in the Funco booth, we dove in deeper to this Kawasaki Teryx to check out the turbo system designed by Gary Gall at C&G Performancewww.cgperformance.com

Funco UTV‘s Grant George shows us a some new products on their Kawasaki Teryx.  www.funcoutv.com

Jason Christiansen from Rigid Industries shows off their entire light line.  www.rigidindustries.com

Baja Designs Diego Land shows us around a Class 1 car and the different lights that work on your UTV also.  www.bajadesigns.com

Joey D at UTV Underground has finished an amazing build project…who said a family of 5 can’t be a Full House!   www.utvunderground.com

The Bureau of Land Management that patrols the Glamis Dunes area was in full force at the Sand Sports Super Show.  They were showing off all of the great programs that they have running, all the successful projects that they have completed on the off season…and most importantly for us, a RZRs from Polaris that has been decked out to help keep duners safe.

RCD Suspensions has some very interesting vehicles that are perfect for utility use and as a recovery vehicle.   www.racecardynamics.com

Bones from OMF Performance shows us the new products and exactly WHY you need to run a beadlock wheel to complete your ride or race!  www.omfperformance.com

Greg Cottrell from Rugged Radios shows us the different options for radios in your UTV.  www.ruggedradios.com

Craig Risvold from Koronis Parts talks to us about their entire line including Beard Seats and Speed Industries   www.redart.com

Caught up with PJ Jones from PJ’s Perfomance to see what new products he has available for the UTV’s!    www.pjsperformance.com

Photos from Friday afternoon/evening:

Rick's Prowler 1000 looks sweet!

Rick's Prowler 1000 looks sweet!

iTi Performance Motorsports Frank Simonetti tells us more about his products in his booth    www.itimotorsports.com

Friday Morning pictures during setup.  Probably only half the vendors were there so expect a lot more later.

Kawasaki Teryx - Firefighting UTV

Kawasaki Teryx - Firefighting UTV

Kawasaki Teryx and Polaris RZR 170

Kawasaki Teryx and Polaris RZR 170

The Sand Sports Super Show is by far one of the largest consumer shows on the West Coast when it comes to the off road world.  In its eleventh year, it has continually sold out for vendors and the aisles are still packed with enthusiasts from around the globe.  Located in the heart of Southern California at the Orange County Fairgrounds (directions), there is no better place to have such a gathering.

Don’t let the name fool you…there is some of the most extreme off road products here that can be used across the board from trail riding to hunting to of course sand duning. This weekend we will see many products and vehicles that could never have been imagined even 5 years ago.  Jon and Charlene will be working at digging in deep and finding  the products that you want to see!

Come back often throughout the weekend as we will work at updating this post with great new ideas, pictures, videos, and then recapping our experience on Monday.  Each post will be time stamped with the most recent at the top.

We will also have a UTV Weekly booth at this show with Jon’s Kawasaki Teryx on display…so if you are in the area, be sure to drop by and say HELLO!  We would love to meet you! Be sure to sign up for our newsletter.

Sit back, relax and let’s get to shopping!


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