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Blue-Ox-BedSaverGood and bad things happen when you “drop” a fifth wheel trailer. Bad: damage to truck and RV, embarrassment when family and friends see what happened, plus potential injury. Good: you become great friends with technicians and insurance companies. The Blue Ox BedSaver prevents all this.

The BedSaver is an industry exclusive developed by Blue Ox to address a hazardous problem that fifth wheel pullers have encountered: the kingpin slipping out of the hitch, or failing to become engaged with the hitch, resulting in the kingpin and the trailer nose crashing into the truck bed. Such a drop can inflict severe damage to the truck and RV, and carries the potential for injury.
The BedSaver solution provides a simple add-on component to the truck bed hitch. This BedSaver component “catches” the kingpin and secures it should it come loose from the coupler. The BedSaver is an easy installation with no drilling or hitch modifications needed. The hitch operates just as it normally would. There are no moving parts to wear out and it requires minimal maintenance.
“The BedSaver is a nice insurance policy against costly damage to your truck bed,” said Jay Hesse, president of Blue Ox. “Dropping a fifth wheel happens more often than you think. We saw a need in the marketplace to give fifth wheel pullers greater peace of mind about preventing such an accident. The BedSaver is the result.”

For the RVW Lil Rocker, Blue Ox offers its exclusive BedSaver PL™ hitch attachment to lock the coupled kingpin. The BedSaver PL uses a counterweighted plate that pivots down to let the kingpin mate with the coupler before snapping in place. This prevents the kingpin from accidentally coming loose during transit. Simply unlock the BedSaver PL to raise the kingpin for unhitching.

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