Racin’ for a Cure in a Yamaha Rhino

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Racing for a Cure – 2006 Yamaha Rhino 660

Yamaha Rhino Racing For A Cure

Racing For A Cure – Yamaha Rhino

Ben Haines of 50fiftyracing.com had a dream to help his friend Scott, and he has put that dream into action with a race team geared towards raising awareness for a disease that affects a friend.  Ben’s friend Soctt Pfieffer was diagnosed with ALS, a neurodegenerative disease that affects nerve  cells in the brain and the spinal cord.  There currently isn’t a cure or  treatment that halts or reverses ALS and the disease is  not completely understood, but the last decade has brought a wealth of new  scientific understanding about the disease that provides hope for the  future.

In 2008 Ben teamed up with Shawn Keep Inc and Racin’ For a Cure to help  raise awareness and funds for ALS. The 2006 Yamaha Rhino is the fruit of that labor.

The chassis is built out of 1.5″ .095 Chromoly with 1″ .095 gussets.  Chassis  was designed in 3D by Equal Parts Design, and built by Tim Berendes of  SDR Motorsports.

The car was designed and built as a true dual sport (triple sport), so  that it would feel at home in any environment, Desert racing, short  course racing, and desert playing.  Since it was primarily planned for  desert use, it is a little heavy still for short course, but we are  getting the weight down without redoing anything major (smaller  lighter fuel cell, lighter passenger seat, etc.)  The car has  removable front and rear bumpers consisting of a lightweight front  bumper for short course, and a larger, beefier front bumper for desert racing, with a wider profile, top hoop, and provisions for two 4″ HID  lights.  Extra gusseting was included for nerfing slower moving cars. Rear bumpers consist of a wide short course bumper to protect the rear  suspension and body panels during tight racing, and a dual spare tire bumper for the long desert races.

Yamaha Rhino

Yamaha Rhino

Suspension is SDR Motorsports LT6 with Fox Shox with adjustable remote  reservoirs, and Gorilla axles.  HCR spindles and a Gear One steering  box complete the package.

OMF beadlocks on ITP wheels wrapped in Maxxis tires (Original Bighorns  for the desert, and a choice between Bighorn 2.0s and Razr 4-speeds  for short course).  For desert racing, 26×9″ tires are used at all 4  corners to allow easier pitting and spare tire management.

Current motor package was built for desert racing and consists of a  pump gas Benchmark 686 with full head porting, oversize valves,  upgraded springs and a semi mild cam (for reliability).  A custom  built UMP Super Filter, Benchmark FCR 41 carb, and modified Ron Woods  pipe get the air in and out.  Spark in controlled by at programmable  Dynatek CDI, and Dynatek coil.  A PDM race clutch puts the power to   the axles.  Lucas semi synthetic ATV oil, Alba radiator, Setrab oil  cooler, and Engine Ice keep it all running cool, even in the hottest

Racing for a cure

Racing for a cure

Fuel is supplied by a Mikuni high flow pump, and is pulled from a rear  mounted 12 gallon Jaz fuel cell (for desert racing. A 4 gallon cell  will be mounted in front of the motor for short course racing).

Side panels were wrapped by Expect-a-lot, seats by PRP, belts by Crow,  and window nets by Twisted Stitch. Aluminum panels by SDR Motorsports.

All graphics/web design by Equal Parts Design Inc.



About Racing for a Cure:

Racin’ For a Cure was  founded to raise awareness about ALS (more commonly known as Lou Gehrig’s  Disease) and raise  money to further the research needed to find a cure.  Racin’ For a Cure  teamed up with the ALS Association’s Wisconsin Chapter and has been  racing a Nascar Camping World East and a ASA Late Model Series Car,  with our friend Scott Pfieffer heading up the team. It was always a  dream of Scott’s to have a racing team, and he finally got that chance.

While most of the stock car races were east coast based, there were a  few west coast events where we were able to really raise a lot of
support.  Most notably was the “Racin’ on the Rooftop” Fundraiser they  put on at the Nascar Toyota All Star Showdown at the Toyota Speedway  at Irwindale.  Scott also made a 150 mile trek from Baker, CA to Las  Vegas, NV by way of his wheel chair.

50fifty Racing, Imagine This and Equal Parts Design all wanted to do  what they could to help, by running Racin’ For a Cure stickers at all
events, donating graphic & web design work, even designing the  graphics for their Nascar racers.  We will continue to support Racin
For a Cure in any way we can.  We are proud to be part of the Racin’  For a Cure team, and wish Scott and his family all the best!

If you would like to learn more about Scott’s Story or ALS, please  visit these websites:


“The race is for all ALS families. We are racing for a cure.” – Scott  Pfeiffer

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