Repairs Made to Centennial Trail 89 near Nemo, South Dakota

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dvtlogvJuly  11, 2009: The Legend Air Suspension Dirt Vendor Tour (DVT) 2009, Off Road Riders Association (ORA), and the Black Hills National Forest Service worked together to repair Centennial Trail 89 near Nemo, South Dakota. This is the second year in a row the group laid gravel and put in culverts as needed on the eroded and worn trail. This part of the Centennial Trail gets a lot of use and overuse! The popularity of this trail shows how important motorized recreation is in this area. Trail 89 is a model of what the Black Hills National Forest Service Trail Management Plan (designated trail system) will be like, when it is put into effect in 2010. It also illustrates how important sufficient mileage is to the system–too few miles result in overuse and necessary repairs like the work done on this section.

ORA President Troy Hall said, “The ORA is a group of responsible riders. We educate in order to prevent damage to the trails and areas we love. This work happens on a regular basis with or without the general public hearing about it through the media.”

Bonnie Jean Jones, Recreation Specialist/Special Uses Administrator for the Black Hills FS said “Without the help of caring groups we would not be able to get the work done.  The motorized portions of the trail take more diligence to maintain because of the amount of traffic it receives and I appreciate your help. “

The Legend DVT 2009 Ranger HD was the most capable vehicle at the repair site. The Legend Suspension on the Ranger enabled it to handle the heavy loads of rock in both the bed and front lift and carry Polaris bucket attachment while traversing the difficult and uneven terrain. Jesse Jurrens of Legend Air Suspension said, “Our equipment is made to handle this kind of work. We enjoy riding and understand without our assistance in maintaining the trails the Forest Service can’t keep them open. We encourage other companies in the industry to get involved in preserving the sport in this way.”

July 25, 2009:

Legend Air Suspension’s DVT, the ORA, and the Black Hills Forest Service got together again along with Nemo Guest Ranch in order to erect a kiosk for posting ORA and Forest Service educational information near trail 89 in Nemo, South Dakota.

The kiosk and sign location was generously donated by Troy and Willie Saye, owners of the Nemo Guest Ranch . They have been strong supporters of the ORA, recognizing the importance of a responsible riding group and the effect they can have on riders who might otherwise cause problems in this important key community. Nemo is at the crossroads of the proposed trail system, where non-motorized and motorized OHV users often stop for food and camping. It has been, and will continue to be an important connector to the Black Hills Trail System on the USFS.

ORA President Troy Hall said “The ORA is committed to supporting communities that support our sport. We are happy to give back to Nemo as they understand there is room enough for both motorized and non-motorized recreation in this area. The ORA understands posting riding rules, regulations, and maps helps keep the few bad apples involved in the motorized sport from acting inappropriately in this area.”

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