Take Back Utah Rally Is a Success

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If you haven’t heard already the capitol parade and rally was a huge success. We had about 3500+ attend the rally! The parade took over an hour from the first vehicle leaving downtown and the last arriving at the capitol building. There were many different groups represented and a atmosphere of unity and strength was felt by all.
Every single local TV station covered our event as did both major Salt Lake news papers. Some reports were more accurate than others. Some can’t help themselves and have to spin everything the report on. Channel 2 was the most favorable and Channel 5 (KSL) was the most inaccurate with downright shoddy reporting. A previous version of the one we have linked to claimed, “that hundreds” participated, and they made reference to environmental concerns that ATVs are often the culprit of wild fires. They have since moderated their story.  We will include a full list of media coverage on our website. This should be updated by late tonight or early tomorrow. Sorry for delays we really are a small grass roots movement so things (website updates, etc) don’t get done as quick as we all would like.
During the rally we were pleased to hear from many different speakers and be entertained by talented artists. We wanted to thank all involved. 2 days prior to the event we found out we could broadcast it live to the entire state. We had to do many last minute changes and it changed how we conducted the rally. We appreciate everyone’s willingness to work with us on that.
We were most impressed with the behavior of the rally and parade participants. I personally was so proud of everyone. There was not a single incident or problem with anyone. All were on their best behavior. All were passionate yet under control. The SL police department commented on how well it was planned and executed. I especially want to thank the nearly 100 volunteers we had. These individuals took ownership and control of their responsibilities. Planning such an event was a big undertaking for us. None of us have professional event planning experience. This really was a grass roots effort. The planning committee made up of myself, Chris Brimhall, Rick Whiteside, Shawn Taylor, Chad Booth, Braxton Southwick, and Representative Mike Noel. These guys deserves a HUGE pat on the back. They all gave much time and energy to make this happen.
For those who felt the rally may not have hit their issue or been what they expected, fear not. This really is just the beginning. There will be more rallies, more events, and much more to come. We know there were some mistakes made on Saturday and we will get better at this as we do more events.
We want this movement to sweep the western United States. We intend to facilitate that. We first and foremost want to protect our interests as citizens of Utah. But we know this is something that neighboring states need. Take Back Utah will begin to be a leading voice on state’s rights issues. Protection of access to public land will be a key and leading issue for this movement.
If you were impressed by what you saw at this rally consider donating to our cause. It costs an incredible amount of money to pull this event off. We are still paying for it. We would like to do more events to inspire even more people to get involved. We have provided a link in this email if you would like to donate and help us do this. Your dollars will stay in a restricted account to help do future events and protect access to public land.
The event on Saturday brought much needed attention to the issues of access to public land, it showed a unified broad cross section of the public, it made political leaders want to act, it gave leading organizations like USA-ALL a larger voice and more influence with political leaders, it brought many new individuals, organizations, and businesses into supporting our movement. Also notice was served to our opposition that we are not going to lay down and let them take away our rights, our quality of life, control our government, or harm our citizens. 
With your continued support of this movement we will accomplish our goals and not only take back Utah but we will take back our country.
More information about Take Back Utah can be found at: www.takebackutah.org


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