Bobcat Toolcat 5600 Utility Work Machine: One Vehicle Accomplishes The Work of Many

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Bobcat Toolcat at Lake Almanor

Bobcat Toolcat at Lake Almanor

When you’ve got plenty to do, versatility is essential. The Toolcat™ utility work machine from Bobcat give you all the best features of a  a compact tractor, skid-steer loader, utility vehicle, pickup truck and more.

One of the first things operators will observe about the Toolcat™ is the unsurpassed ride it delivers compared to other loaders, and even utility vehicles. The D-Series 5600 is the first compact loader to feature true four-wheel independent suspension, further establishing it as a “one-of-a-kind” machine. This provides top-of-the-line comfort while maximizing traction, attachment performance and turning. Four-wheel independent suspension is particularly beneficial when mowing, spraying, pushing snow or simply traveling comfortably over uneven terrain. The wheel and frame isolation of independent suspension increases wheel-to-ground contact, which better absorbs shock to help maintain a consistent mowing height, improve traction and decrease travel time due to a smoother ride.

So how does the Toolcat 5600 ride smoothly, yet still have a 2,000-pound payload or a 1,500-pound rated operating capacity? The answer is specially designed suspension stops integrated into the suspension system to help maintain the desired lifting capacity.

Bobcat Toolcat with Limited Slip Differentials

Bobcat Toolcat with Limited Slip Differentials

The D-Series 5600 also features a full-time four-wheel drive system designed with an emphasis on performance while offering operation for a variety of conditions. Exclusive limited slip differentials constantly monitor tractive effort, delivering torque to all four wheels while automatically managing distribution of that power to respond to the ground conditions.

Whether you need to power through mud and snow, maintain traction to minimize turf damage or travel an uphill trail, the machine will automatically sense where traction can be obtained and transfer power there.

“To further increase the operator’s productivity, we’ve added a power management feature to the Toolcat 5600 that balances power distribution between the attachment and drive system,” Robert Gilles said. For example, if operators are blowing snow and encounter a deeper drift, the attachment and machine will need more time to power through it. Power management automatically makes the necessary adjustment, matching drivetrain and attachment requirements to deliver maximum efficiency and productivity. “This feature is a huge benefit in conditions such as mowing heavy brush, tilling or working on an incline,” Gilles said.

In addition to power management, the Toolcat 5600 drive system also features work mode, which delivers more precise control of travel speed when finite movements are required. Other drive system features that help provide smooth operation include shift-on-the-fly two speed, cruise control and hydrostatic braking, which is more efficient and convenient than conventional braking systems.

Equipment durability and serviceability are always key customer considerations at Bobcat Company. And the D-Series 5600 is no exception. It features a “spine frame,” which is the backbone of the machine, providing the strength for everything from lifting to towing and anything in between. It also provides excellent component protection and allows for a side-mounted engine, which translates to easy access to routine maintenance items. In addition, the D-Series features an improved cooling package, onboard diagnostics and a machine shutdown protection feature that lessens the chance of damage to the engine or hydraulic components.

Bobcat Toolcat with All Wheel Steering

Bobcat Toolcat with All Wheel Steering

Maneuverability is one of the biggest reasons operators choose the Toolcat 5600, according to Gilles. Its all-wheel steer capability delivers a tighter turning radius than most ATVs. That type of performance enables operators to mow around trees, travel trails or move material in tight spaces such as corrals or between buildings on a university campus. Essentially, it enables them to work in areas that they couldn’t with equipment of the same size and capabilities.

All-wheel steering also makes the 5600 ideal for turf and grass work. With each axle sharing the same steering angle, sharp turns on grass and improved surfaces yield little or no damage. Together with work mode and dynamic braking, all-wheel steering allows operators to accomplish the precise maneuvers they need for the most meticulous jobs.

“The Toolcat is packed with Bobcat innovation — making it very agile, providing more operator confidence when working in those tight quarters or sensitive ground conditions.” Gilles said.

Bobcat Toolcat Bob Tach

Bobcat Toolcat Bob Tach

The Toolcat 5600 is called a utility work machine because of its versatile attachment lineup. There are more than 38 attachments available, including mowers, snow blades and blowers, augers, angle brooms, buckets, tillers and pallet forks to name a few. Not only is the selection vast, but attachments can also be mounted in the front, giving the operator excellent visibility of the work area.

The standard Bob-Tach™ mounting system enables operators to switch between attachments in less than a minute and requires no additional assistance or tools. From homeowners with acreages to grounds maintenance managers or municipalities, customers will find the attachment for the job and a way to put the 5600 to work.

The Toolcat utility work machine, with its lift, tow and haul capabilities, not only transports two workers and all the tools they need for a job, but it can also complete the task at hand. The standard two-inch receiver hitch and 4,000-pound towing capacity can easily satisfy the majority of maintenance-related towing requirements. Its 1,500-pound ROC enables it to easily lift and dump more dirt, rock, mulch and other materials than compact tractors of the same size. There’s also room to haul tools like trimmers and blowers, or materials such as mulch or dirt, in the utility work machine’s hydraulic dump cargo box, which features a 2,000-pound payload capacity.

Operating the Toolcat 5600 is a comfortable experience. With an automotive-style cab, tilt-steering wheel and drive pedal operation similar to that of a pickup, putting the machine to work is more intuitive and less intimidating than other types of compact equipment. For optimal operator comfort, customers can choose an enclosed cab with heat and air conditioning, a CD player and keyless start.

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