Emergency Management Agency Uses Kubota RTV900s

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Kubota RTV 900 4x4

Kubota RTV 900 4x4

By Jon Crowley, UTVGuide.net

Jefferson County Emergency Management Agency decided that a few specially outfitted utility vehicles would be perfectly suited for special events at the Talladega Superspeedway, and also for lost person searches, small brush fires and water rescues.

They wanted one unit to be setup for fire/rescue and the other would be outfitted for rescue/EMS.

They had just a few requirements. The wanted their UTVs to have diesel engines and have enough capacity to carry a fire skid.

With the field narrowed, they decided on two Kubota RTV900s. The RTV900 comes with a 21.6 HP Kubota Diesel Engine, a 1,630 pound payload capacity and four-wheel drive.

Kimtek Medlite

Kimtek Medlite

After deciding on the Kubota RTV900 as the base unit, it was time set them up for use at the Birmingham Fire Department and Westwood Rescue. They turned to Kimtek Corporation and decided on a Medlite Transport skid for the rescue vehicle and a Firelite Deluxe skid for the fire/rescue vehicle.

Medlite Transport
The Medlite Transport skid is designed to carry one patient, one EMS attendant and assorted emergency gear. The long board is attached to the unit using 10 Velcro D loop straps. The attendant’s seat with seat belt glides on wheels the entire length of the unit and is able to be locked in three different locations to meet various emergency situations. It has 9 cubic feet of enclosed storage under the patient area and comes with a retractable IV pole.

Kimtek Firelite Deluxe

Kimtek Firelite Deluxe

Firelite Deluxe
The Firelite Deluxe skid is designed to serve two purposes: firefighting and rescue. The all aluminum unit comes complete with the Darley-Davey® Two Stage High Pressure Pump, integrated 75 gallon poly tank, F4000 Series Hannay Reel® Manual Crank with 50’ of 1” Booster Hose and a rescue area for mounting a stokes basket or long board.

In addition to the 75 gallon on-board tank, the Firelite Deluxe’s fire fighting capabilities are greatly increased because it can also draw water from a pool or pond, and can also connect to some fire hydrants.

The Kubota RTV900s have proved to be a valuable part of the fire and rescue vehicle force in Jefferson County. The small size of the UTVs allow emergency personnel to maneuver through crowds during special events and the off-road capabilities allow firefighters and rescue personnel to get where larger vehicles can’t.

Kubota Utility Vehicles

Kubota’s heavy-duty, high performance RTV Series utility vehicles give you the power and durability to tackle the toughest tasks on a variety of terrain. From the daily dependability of our workhorse RTV900, to the exclusive, industry-first, air-conditioned comfort, protection and quietness of our factory-cab RTV1100, to the unique transformability of our new RTV1140CPX, to the compact, efficient and technologically-advanced performance of the gas-powered RTV500, there’s an RTV model to meet your exact needs.

More information about Kubota series of Utility Vehicles can be found at: www.kubota.com.

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