Ryan Plants Food Plots for Deer to Feed On

| October 17, 2009 | 1 Comment
The Crew

The Crew

September is the time of year to plant food plots for deer to feed on once the crops have been harvested and food becomes scarce. I decided to plant oats because it continues to remain green throughout the Wisconsin gun hunting season. The area I selected was remote and only accessible by my UTV and therefore I needed to use the Kolpin Dirtworks 3 point Hitch System to work the ground.

I started by spraying the area with Round-Up in late July. I then used the disk plow attachment to break the ground. After a series of passes the soil became loose but still contained roots and other material. I then used the cultivator set to dig out and remove this material. After another pass with the disk the area was ready for seeding.

This area was new to food plots I needed to apply lime to raise the PH level. I then applied a 10-10-10 fertilizer and the oat seed with a lawn broadcast spreader. A small cultipacker worked great to pack and cover the seed. I was able to plant the plot just before a good rain which helped boost the seed and in one week it was already over an inch tall.

We Hope to see More Trophey Pictures

We Hope to see More Trophey Pictures from the Successful Deer Plot

There are certain areas where an ATV or UTV are the only machines that can be used to plant a food plot. When this occurs, make sure you have the right equipment for the job. The Kolpin 3 point Hitch System worked perfectly and handled everything I threw at it.

~ Ryan   Omro, WI

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