Sometime You Just Have to Look Out Your Front Windshield

| October 30, 2009 | 0 Comments

driveway1Everyone has their good days, and their bad days.  Somedays we wake up and are not aware to the world around us, and other days we remember just how lucky we are.

If you are even on this site, then you have a love for the outdoors and the adventure that it holds.  I have recently had more opportunity to spend time at my Northern California house vs my Southern California house.  Yes, talk about two completely separate worlds…especially when I tell you that my Northern California house is out in the sticks with some of the best trail riding right from the barn and is over 30 minutes from the nearest gas station, grocery store or bar!  And my Southern California house is about 2 minutes off one of the busiest LA freeways in the hub of the off road industry and where you can have your pick of any retail outlet or restaurant within minutes.

So this morning I was a little more awake…or maybe I just took time to stop on my way to the office and take a picture of my driveway that I love in the Fall with all of the trees turned yellow.  Its just cool that I have to go down a 1/4 mile dirt road to the asphalt (until it snows!).   Of course we play with our UTV’s up here and I will be showing you more of the area soon.  In the meantime, I am headed down to the VORRA races this weekend in Prairie City to watch the final round of racing!

So as you head out the door this weekend, grab your camera (camera phones work too!) and take a minute to look around.  Appreciate what you have, and send me pictures of your UTV on your property!  Lets start comparing!

After a day of Hunting.  Yes, Bruno lays on the Couch now!

After a day of Hunting. Yes, Bruno lays on the Couch now!

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