VORRA Season Wraps Up

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Dennis Jean Polaris RZR

Dennis Jean's RZR

I started tracking the VORRA series about midway through the season this year.  This is a series that is a combination of short course racing and long desert races.

The UTV class didn’t have a full line up at every race, in fact…there was usually only one to two UTV’s a race that showed up.  Regardless of the number of vehicles in the class, it was always a great event.

I was at the final round of VORRA at Prairie City two weekends ago.  There were two UTV’s lined up Dennis Jean and Pierre Perret.  Perret you have heard about from the BITD coverage that we have been doing, and Jean is new to our site and we look forward to following him next year.

Pierre Perret Short Course Racing

Pierre Perret Short Course Racing

Dennis Jean had his RZR built at Hart’s Motorsports and it is geared and ready to race.  He had a great practice on Saturday and came out ahead of the game on both motos Sunday.

Perret was out to test a short course race.  His UTV has been built for the desert (he competes in the Best in the Desert Series) and now he is looking to broaden his scope next year to include short course.  His first moto on Saturday was challenging with some kind of electrical shorting out.  He was able to fix it during the intermission and come back out to spur it up with Jean.

Sean Cook, Series Winner

Sean Cook, Series Winner

The final points for the VORRA series holds Sean Cook in first place, over 140 points ahead of second.  He was out at the Hawthorne Desert race that I attended too.

Class UTV
Car #    Driver Name       Total
1930    Sean Cook               252
959    Dennis Jean              117
32    Frank Dignon              62
20    Pauly Hart                   59
19    Jon Crowley            55
1909    Pierre Perret           44

If you are in the Northern California area and want some fun racing action, this would be the event to step into.  Not a difficult build to make your vehicle race ready…plus within one series you have a couple desert races and a few short course races.  What more can you ask for?


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