Prairie City SVRA uses Honda Big Red

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Honda Big Red - Prairie City SVRA

Honda Big Red - Prairie City SVRA

Prairie City SVRA is situated at the base of the Sierra Nevada foothills, 20 miles east of downtown Sacramento and three miles south of U.S. 50. The area offers off-highway vehicle enthusiasts a variety of interesting terrain and trails for motorcycles, all-terrain vehicles, and 4-wheel drive vehicles. There are flat, open grasslands, rolling hills with native blue oak trees, and acres of cobbled mine tailings left after gold dredges combed ancient river beds in search of gold during the late 1800s.

Providing long-term, sustained OHV recreation opportunity is a top priority in SVRA Management. Provisions in California law require actions to stabilize soils and to provide for healthy wildlife populations in OHV recreation areas. Sites exist throughout the SVRA which have become eroded. There are projects ongoing to stabilize eroded areas by reshaping slopes, and by reseeding and replanting bare areas. Vegetation creates wildlife habitat while plant roots help stabilize the soil. Project areas are temporarily closed to OHV use through the use of barriers, such as fences, hay bales, brush piles and signing. Where possible, well designed OHV trails are immediately provided through project areas. Other project areas may be closed for a number of years before being again opened for OHV use. Your understanding and support in staying out of areas closed for restoration helps ensure OHV recreation opportunities for years to come.

The Honda Big Red fits right in line to help SVRA staff  keep the site in top condition and also monitor rider activities at the recreation site.

Unique Features of the Honda Big Red:

  • Honda’s liquid-cooled four-stroke single-cylinder fuel-injected 675cc OHV engine provides abundant torque and dependable power.

  • Honda’s automotive-style automatic transmission draws power through a hydraulic torque converter to drive three forward gears and Reverse.

  • Big Red features Honda’s fully independent double-wishbone suspension for comfortable cruising.

  • Exclusive Natural Gear Camouflage color scheme offers a pattern that’s soft, open and shadow-free for superior camouflage performance in a wide¬† variety of conditions.

Honda Big Red Specifications:

Honda Big Red

Honda Big Red


  • Engine – 675cc liquid-cooled OHV semi-dry-sump longitudinally mounted single-cylinder four-stroke

  • Bore & Stroke – 102.0mm x 82.6mm

  • Compression Ratio – 9.2:1

  • Induction – Electronic fuel injection (PGM-FI): 40mm throttle bodies

  • Ignition – Full-Transistorized type with electronic advance

  • Starter – Electric with auxiliary recoil

  • Powerful OHV liquid-cooled, PGM-fuel-injected 675cc, mid-engine design.

  • Automotive-style, three-speed automatic transmission with Reverse.

  • Convenient, dash-mounted drive selector.

  • Selectable drive modes include: 2WD with open rear differential for sensitive terrain/lawns, 4WD with rear differential lock and 4WD with all differential lock.

  • High-capacity liquid cooling provides consistent engine operating temperature in extreme conditions for maximum power output and long engine life.

  • Lightweight aluminum radiator is mounted high to avoid clogging by mud and damage from trail debris.

  • Liquid-cooled oil cooler aids engine heat dispersion while also speeding engine warm-up on cold days.

  • Camshaft is located adjacent to the cylinder head, reducing engine height for a low center of gravity and excellent handling.

  • Four-valve cylinder head with two short pushrods provides a broad powerband for optimum performance and engine efficiency.

  • Programmed Fuel Injection (PGM-FI) features 40mm throttle body, 12-hole two-pattern injector and Idle Air Control Valve (IACV).

  • IACV maintains consistent idle in all conditions.

  • Reliable cold-weather starting.

  • Consistent engine performance at high altitudes.

  • Engine design produces low emissions and meets California Air Resources Board (CARB) off-road emissions standards.

  • Stainless steel exhaust system provides superior corrosion resistance and minimizes noise levels.

  • USDA-qualified spark arrester/muffler.

Drive Train

The big news for the Honda Big Red MUV is the unique transmission. The Big Red has a three-speed automaticwith hydraulic torque converter.

  • Driveline – Direct front and rear drive-shafts with torque-sensitive front differential

  • The automotive-style Honda automatic transmission features a hydraulic torque converter, three hydraulic clutches and an Electronic Control Module (ECM) to automatically select one of three forward gears and one reverse gear. The ECM monitors throttle opening, vehicle speed, engine rpm, gear selector position, brake application and engine oil temperature.

  • The Honda automatic transmission shifts electronically and features positive engine braking that is superior to electronic braking systems that can result in inconsistent performance.

  • Features a filtration system to protect against external contamination. The compact and maintenance-free design means there are no belts to wear out and replace. Using multi-filtered engine oil as hydraulic fluid, the design also simplifies maintenance and ensures an adequate oil supply in all operating conditions.

Chassis, Suspension & Brakes

  • Front Suspension – Independent double-wishbone; 5.9-inch travel

  • Rear Suspension – Independent double-wishbone; 7.1-inch travel

  • 10.3 inches of ground clearance

  • Front Brakes – Dual hydraulic 200.0 mm disc

  • Rear Brakes – Dual hydraulic 200.0 mm disc

  • Specially designed 25 x 10-12 front and rear tires provide added ground clearance while eliminating the need for multiple spares during extreme use.

  • Four-wheel hydraulic disc brakes with a balanced automotive-style design that ensures front and rear braking even if one brake line fails for some unexpected reason.

  • Roomy cab and rubber-mounted bucket seats with adjustable backs comfortably fit a wide range of body types and reduce fatigue on long drives.

  • Waterproof accessory socket is ideally placed between the bucket seats for easy access to 12-volt power.

  • 3-point Emergency Locking Retractor (ELR) seat belts are similar to automotive type.

  • Automotive-type right-hand-operated parking brake for secure peace of mind in off-road situations with a full load.

  • In-cab glove box and dash storage for quick access to small items.

  • Uniquely designed, four-pillar, six-piece 41.3mm (1.6 inch diameter) Occupant Protection Structure (OPS).

  • Heavy-duty two-inch receiver-style hitch with 1200-pound towing capacity.

  • 500-pound capacity steel tilt bed is protected by an automotive-bumper-grade plastic liner. The tilt bed also features a progressive-action strut assist.

  • Front and rear disc brake calipers feature a patented built-in scraper system that helps prevent the buildup of debris between caliper and rim, ensuring consistent braking performance.


  • Length – 114.7 inches

  • Width – 64.0 inches

  • Height – 76.9 inches

  • Wheelbase – 75.7 inches

  • Bed Length (inside) – 33

  • Bed Width (inside) – 52.6

  • Ground Clearance – 10.3 inches

  • Turning Radius – 13.8 feet

Weight Capacity

  • Bed Capacity – 500 lbs

  • Towing Capacity – 1200 lbs

  • Curb Weight – 1431 pounds

  • Fuel Capacity – 7.9 Gallons, including 1.1-gallon reserve

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