K&N and ATV Industry Leaders Join Forces for Jeremiah Jones’s Custom RZR

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To anyone that has ever raced, be it a mountain bike over rolling grassy hills for the sheer joy, or an SR-71 at Mach-three through hostile skies for freedom – there exists a very astute reality on the extreme opposite end of victory. The racer’s edge is thinly honed and the laws of probability declare that some shall fall. On any starting line, of any race ever, that truth plays into the entire adrenalized, competitive equation. It compresses time and crystallizes our focus so we can temporarily find balance with speed. It is that very relationship which makes racing so formidably addictive.

Jeremiah Jones was one of the leading Quad racers in the country, until a crash caused him paralysis in 2006. Still extremely passionate about racing, and well respected in the ATV community, Jeremiah Jones now runs Team MUSHIN racing as Team Manager.

“Yeah, it’s always different with every rider – understanding how they get themselves to going fast, and how they find the drive to compete. For me personally it was just the way I was raised. My mom and dad were such a big reason for the way I raced. My calmness came from my mom, and my determination came from my dad. It’s all in what you believe that makes all the difference,” states Jones.

During Round six of the AMA ATV Motocross Series in Millville, Minnesota, Jeremiah Jones was presented with a new race ready Polaris RZR. Jeremiah was ushered to the announcer’s stage for an interview right before the first pro moto. In a surprise move, Jeremiah was then presented with the RZR. The custom side-by-side was specifically outfitted with a gull wing driver’s door and hand controls.

Wes Miller at H-Bomb Films built the custom Polaris RZR for Jeremiah to show gratitude for all he has done for the sport, and to give him something he can get back out onto the track with.

Jones took the RZR back home to Kentucky and has been putting it through the rounds on his practice track. After a lap on his track, Jeremiah said, “It blows me away that I have something like this! All I can say is that the machine handles like a dream. The wide stance of the Lone Star components and the Fox shocks are amazing. It rides so nice, and it doesn’t beat up my back.”

“The best thing is that I have my freedom. It is like I have my legs all over again. Oh, and I get to jump the heck out of it! My family and I greatly appreciate everyone that contributed to the RZR. It’s time to go play and kick some butt. Thanks again to all the sponsors, such as K&N, and to Wes Miller for making this possible.”

“My plans are to race again someday. Now that I have this RZR, its returned a great deal of inspiration to have some fun again. I have built a new shop and plan on opening a business soon.”

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