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Shannon Bushman – XXXOffroad.com

It was Christmas morning today at my Can-AM dealer. My new Can-Am Yellow Commander 1000 XT arrived in a spiffy crate on a big ol’ truck.

Don’t ask me exactly how I managed to get a Commander months ahead of scheduled shipments, I’d be embarrassed to describe how it all came about. Just the same I have it, and it’s awesome.

There is nothing like getting a new rig, every piece of plastic is so shiny new and clean. Every crevice is spotless. The seats have never seen a sweaty a$%. The first press of the start button and the sound a freshly fired twin cylinder 1000cc Rotax rumbling to life just makes my loins tingle. After a few laps around the big parking lot and little chit chat with Dennis and Mike Jorgensen (Owners of Jorgensen Honda, Richfield, UT) and I ran the Commander up the ramps and onto my Bulldog ATV/UTV rack. It looks so cool perched up there that even cars are slowing down and turning around to get a second peak at the Commander. I can’t wait to get back to Marysvale and unload.

Can-Am UTV 1A quick twenty minutes later I am unloaded and headed for the hills. I hope someone put oil in this thing. Whatever I’m out of here.

The thing about the 1000 Rotax is that it’s fast. Really fast, as in 73 MPH fast and it gets there pretty quickly too. I just had to make sure you know. But speed isn’t everything. Stop snickering.

I find the commander is really comfortable at about 55-60 MPH on a good dirt road. I think much more comfortable being at that speed than my RZR-S. The Commander likes to turn as well, its great diving into a turn and stabbing the throttle on the exit quickly becomes a great past time. I found a nice rocky set of switch backs to put the Commander in 4-Low and spent twenty minutes working my way up some fairly tight switches. The Commander actually turns  sharper than my RZR-S it seems. Might have to do some testing to be sure.

Maybe I’m just inclined to see the bright side.

It is a new toy after all. Stay tuned while I get further into the new Can-Am Commander.

Can-Am UTV 2

Can-Am UTV 3

Can-Am UTV 4

Can-Am UTV 5

Can-Am UTV 6

Can-Am UTV 7

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