Praying to the Teryx God’s

| January 26, 2011

My name is Gary from Shenandoah, Tx. and I have to say I love getting your news letter.  Great information and always keep me posted with new information on our sport.

This is a picture of my son who took my 2009 Teryx out for a ride over New Years.  While out on the trails, he found a nice hole that  seemed to be not that deep however that proved to be wrong!  He blew both the beads off the left side wheels and had it stuck up to the fenders which in South East Texas mud caused several hours of trying to pull it out.  It took two Rhino’s and RZR to help pull it out! While I was off going to get more help, my wife and another friends wife were talking and they looked over and saw him on his knees praying!  I guess he thought he would pray to the Teryx God’s for some help! My wife took this picture.

~ Gary

Shenandoah, Tx.



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