UTVUnderground Review of the New Buckshot Racing Can-Am Commander Long Travel Kit

| June 13, 2011

Photos and Review by: Joey DiGiovanni // UTVUnderground.com

A couple weeks ago my buddy Andrew Buck of Buckshot Racing gave me a ring asking if I was interested in testing his new Buckshot Can-Am Commander Long Travel suspension. Being the kind of guy I am I told him I was up to “helping” him out with the rough task of spending another day out in the dirt off roading….I know, rough life right? lol No in all seriousness I was jumping at the opportunity to drive Andrew’s new suspension kit and having already been in the Can-Am in stock form I was anxious to see how it did with some width and wheel travel.

We met up at a local trail called Bee Canyon located just outside of Hemet, CA. Bee Canyon is more of a jeep trail but has some technical and fast terrain. Most of the trail is choppy with some ruts and some really fun drifting turns. It actually was a great place to get a good feel of the car and shoot a few pictures.

Buckshot Racings new Can-Am LT kit features all boxed mild steel arms with an option of having them made out of chromoly. The long travel suspension is a +4 kit which means 4″ wider per side both front and rear and also increases wheel base by adding 3″ longer ams in the back. The kit pushes 14″ of wheel travel both front and rear using the 8″ travel after market King or Fox shocks and 13″ travel front and rear using the stock 6″ travel shocks. Buckshot has also addressed the steering and with their kit includes custom made 4130 tie rods with custom made 4130 rod ends in the stock rack to replace the week stock ball socket end, its not just an extension like other kits. The kit also includes a Buckshot rear sway bar.

The kit is offered to use stock length Fox shocks and can also be upgraded to use our bolt in shock mount relocation kit (“Shock Tower”) and use 8″ travel Fox or King shocks. With the 8″ shock kit the ride height is raised 1.5″ and the shock ratio is reduced from 2.3 to 1.75. Andrew states “I have found that it is best to keep the ratio under 2.0 if possible from years of building our full size cars”.

Andrew went on to say “The stock sway bar is not used as it is located at the trailing arm pivot making for a high leverage ratio. This high ratio means the bar has to be very large and able to twist to a high degree. On stock travel this is ok at best but on long travel the twist would be far to extreme. By moving the bar further back on the arm there is no need for such a heavy bar as the ratio is reduced. This makes for a lighter set up and easier to tune. We also have as an option for a upper a-arm bushing kit witch replaces the stock sleeve with a 4130 .120 wall sleeve and delrin bushings. The stock sleeve is to thin and to hard which causes it to crack and take out the bushings”.

Buckshot Racing has valving for both the king and the Fox shocks in both lengths and have found both to work well. For long rides in extreme ruff conditions the 8″ travel would offer less heat build up in the shock and less fade for short runs and just to improve the overall ride you can use the 6″ travel shocks. I personally found that the unit with the Fox shocks suited my preferred riding style as it was a bit more plush and offered a little more comfort when traversing the chop. With a few clicks of the adjuster we were able to increase the compression and make the ride even better. Had we been in the dunes I think I would have liked the set up with the King shocks which felt a bit stiffer. I prefer a stiffer shock tune in the dunes to give me less body roll and increase the prevention of bottoming out when dropping into steep “g-outs”.

The handling of the kit in terms of steering was a bit stiffer as it is with any UTV once adding a wider suspension set up. I would love to have this set up with power steering and a steering quickener. I would highly recommend it as it will give you added confidence when ripping through tighter trails. As I began to drive the cars I settled in a bit and then adapted to the steering, I really enjoyed the seat time.

Prices are as follows:

Kit 1
+4 Arms, Tie Rod Kit, Summers Bros. 4340 Axle Kit, Buckshot Sway Bar Kit and all the hardware with Silver Powder Coat – $3800.00

Kit 2
Same as above plus shock mount relocation kit – $4600.00

Complete kit 1 with 6″ shocks – $6130.00
Complete Kit 2 with 8″ shocks and relocation kit – $6930.00

Install kit 1 – $700.00
Install kit 2 – $800.00
Revalve Stock Fox Shocks for Kit 1 – $300.00

Kits are ready to ship 3 days after order

Chromoly option all kits – $800.00
Upper A arm bushing kit – $225.00

Buckshot Racing, Inc.
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