Get the Most From Your Bully Dog Gauge Tuner

| March 28, 2012

BullydogGTsOur Gauge Tuner (GT) is 4 products in 1. A vehicle engine tuner, monitor, gauge, and diagnostic device. It increases your horsepower and can also give you improved fuel economy! Who doesn’t want the best of both worlds? With our GT you get the largest feature set and widest range of vehicle applications available from a single product. Don’t forget it also provides a set of monitoring features and diagnostic functions.

Diesel Towing? Rest assured! Did you know your GT de-fuels your truck to ensure your engine’s safety? The GT automatically reduces fuel sent to the engine, before it gets too hot, to ensure your safety features aren’t compromised.

Picture this; you’re roaring around with your truck in extreme performance mode, right where you want it, until you have to take your trailer somewhere. No time to uninstall & reinstall a different tune – never fear! At the push of a button, even while your engine is running, you can change from Extreme to Tow and your truck is ready for hauling the big stuff! With the GT your truck is an all-purpose Bully.

Everyone knows our tuners give you better fuel economy, but some of you just want more. With the built in ‘driving coach’ you will get better fuel economy than ever before. Set your economy goal and it’ll teach you how to get it as you drive. This secret weapon changes your driving style to match your wallet.

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