Introducing The Staun II Dual Internal Pneumatic Beadlock

| September 28, 2012

staun_ii_dual_beadlock(September 26, 2012 – Costa Mesa, CA) – The days of “rolling a tire bead” with standard wheels are over as Coyote Enterprises introduces the all new Staun II Dual Internal Pneumatic Beadlock.

The Staun II Dual Internal Beadlock system divides a tire’s air chamber into two parts (two valve stems). This means that the internal beadlock’s high pressure (50 psi) securely holds BOTH tire beads to the wheel, allowing the tire pressure to be set for optimum performance without worries of rolling the tire bead off the wheel. Tire pressures using the Staun II have been known to run as low as 2 or 3 psi, which can be ideal when striving for ultimate traction through soft, snowy, sandy, and muddy terrain!

During hard landings or severe tire compression, the 50 psi beadlock also acts as a secondary bump stop and protects the tire and wheel from impact damage, otherwise unavoidable without the Staun II Dual Internal Beadlock!

Staun Internal Beadlocks have been proven in the most demanding environments including, multiple SCORE Baja 1000 wins, Rock Crawling Championships and record breaking Diesel Drag Racing with 1200 ft. lb. of torque at only 12-13 psi tire pressure! Simply put, Staun II Dual Internal Beadlocks can be used for all types of terrain with existing wheels including: rock, sand, mud, snow, pavement, track, and trail.

Coyote Enterprise’s Staun II takes Dual Internal Beadlock technology to new heights over the original Staun Beadlock by utilizing much stronger materials, stronger sewing methods, using a more durable inner tube, providing an easier-to-use Air Channel and now proudly being Made in the USA.

Complete, ready-to-install Staun II Dual Internal Beadlocks are currently available in 3 sizes and priced as low as $199.29 each, or as low as $728.81 for a set of 4.

– 15″ diameter X 7 to 10″ wide wheel
– 16″ diameter X 7 to 10″ wide wheel
– 17″ diameter X 7 to 9″ wide wheel

staun_ii_beadlock_closeStaun II Highlights:
– Locks both tire beads to the wheel at 50 psi
– Allows lower tire pressures without tire/wheel slipping
– Uses your existing wheels
– No balance issues
– No DOT issues
– Works at high speed and low speed
– Acts as a 50 psi bump stop protecting your tires and wheels from impact damage
– Provides “limp flat” capabilities for choosing a safer tire changing location
– Long lasting
– Protected from ozone and the sun’s damaging ultra violet rays
– Can be transferred to your new (same size) wheel choice
– For off highway use only
– 12 month warranty
– Proudly Made in the USA

For more information visit or call a 949-645-7733.

Coyote Enterprises is now accepting proposals from competitors in Ultra 4, King of the Hammers, Desert Racing, Drag Racing, and other racing opportunities.

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