High Lifter Products Launches New Line of Snorkels for Off-Road Vehicles

| April 6, 2013

SHREVEPORT, LA — April, 2013 (Business Wire) High Lifter Products Inc., the leader in custom aftermarket ATV/ UTV accessories and products, today announced the newest addition to its comprehensive lineup of products: Diver Down Snorkels. Designed for use on off-road vehicles, Diver Down Snorkels have been engineered to provide maximum protection from water hazards that may be encountered on the trails.

High Lifter’s research and development team designed Diver Down Snorkels to provide clean, dry air to the engine, belt housing, and other parts needing venting on an off-road vehicle. The snorkel provides an additional margin of protection in the event that the off-road vehicle is inadvertently driven into water deeper than the OEM’s air intakes will tolerate. Setting Diver Down Snorkels apart from other competitor products is the use of high temperature silicone fittings at critical attachment points in addition to the inclusion of differential bellows preventing water from entering the differential and vent tubes.

Each snorkel kit comes complete with all fittings, joints, pipe, grommets, bushings, a laser-cut riser bracket featuring the High Lifter logo, and complete step-by-step photo instructions for an easy installation.

Scott Smith, President of High Lifter Products, said the addition of Diver Down Snorkel product line was a natural growth for the company. “We spend a majority of our time taking our off-road vehicles through the most extreme situations from gumbo mud to water holes with no visible depth,” Smith said. “Our experience on and off the trail has given us a unique insight as to how a snorkel kit should be designed. We took that knowledge and engineering capabilities to create another superior product.”

Diver Down Snorkels are currently available for Polaris Ranger models with additional applications for other brands coming soon. More information on Diver Down Snorkels can be found at http://www.highlifter.com.

About High Lifter Products

High Lifter Products, Inc. has been leading the industry in the development and marketing of unique, after-market accessories for UTVs and ATVs since 1996. Originally a one-man, hobby, High Lifter has since grown into a multi-million dollar corporation, operating a 27,700 square foot facility housing a retail showroom, warehouse, and performance shop. Based in Shreveport, Louisiana High Lifter has earned a reputation for product development and collaborations with several OEMs that greatly enhance utility and performance for customers in the ATV market.

High Lifter is well known within its niche market for the creation of the largest outdoor, mud-riding venue in the country. High Lifter plays host to tens of thousands of ATV riders from all over the globe each year at its annual Mud Nationals event in Jacksonville, Texas.

High Lifter fans and customers know where to go for the best information, products and value. A comprehensive product catalog can be found at the company website, www.highlifter.com where visitors can also get the latest information, browse photo galleries, and participate in High Lifter’s popular online forum. Or, check out the latest from High Lifter at www.facebook.com/highlifteratv.

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