Leduc and JCRI are ready to be on top

| May 29, 2013

Leduc 1LOORRS Rounds 5&6 Lake Elsinore

Packed stands and a packed Pro2 class are only part of what took place this past weekend in Lake Elsinore. The Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series had fans on their feet all weekend as trucks and buggies took to the highflying course. With jumps launching trucks over 150 feet in the air, the course, built in 2012, quickly became worth talking about.


After a solid run in the previous rounds, the JCRI team worked out the kinks of the truck and were ready for practice on Friday. Two practice sessions would put Kyle in the top 3 of the Pro2 class and in the running with veteran Rob MacCachren.


Leduc 2“The truck is right on point and we are working hard to be sure to give Kyle a truck that he can put on the podium.” stated Crew Chief Sean Hodgdon.


Qualifying would let the teams know where they stood come race time. The results were not what Kyle and the team were looking for, but the one goal they had in common with the other 18 Pro2 drivers was to get to the front and win.

The Pro2 class is saved for the last race of the day. It’s guaranteed to be full of action and mostly known for its aggressive driving and passing. Starting a few rows back from the front, Kyle was on the gas as soon as the green flag was called. Getting on the podium for Saturday’s Pro2 race would not be in the books for Kyle as he found himself over-rotating in one of the slick turns and stalling. Kyle would cross the finish in 11th place.

With a great start on Sunday Kyle quickly jumped to 3rd and was running a great race. On the rear tires of Carl Renezeder there were only 2 laps to go when a full course caution was thrown. The trucks bunched backed together and now Kyle would have to fight to hold down his 3rd place spot. Going green, white then checkered all the trucks made it through turn 1 holding their lines, but it would be in turn two that chaos would ensue and Kyle would be passed.


Leduc 3Trying to make up positions, the rest of the race would be white knuckled driving and pushing the new truck to its limits. The truck held to the test of the course, hard driving and being pushed around but the team and Kyle would end the weekend with a 7th place.


“In the end we have proved that our unique truck can run with the big dogs. It should be an awesome year for JCRI, Monster, Toyo and the whole team.” Said Kyle Leduc.


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