The New 509 Dirt Pro Goggles, PowerModz takes a look!

| August 13, 2013

Hey Everyone, Louie here from PowerModz!  We all love riding our UTV’s and whether you like to poke along and enjoy the scenery, tear along the trail at top speeds, or severely mod your UTV and ride the race circuit, chances are pretty good you’ll find yourself hunting for a pair of goggles to keep that nasty dirt and grit out of your eyes.  Not only does dirt cause discomfort and is just plain annoying, but it also harms your eyes and in a nutshell you need to protect them.  In this video I take a look at the newly designed 509 Dirt Pro Goggle, I’m very familiar with the 509 product line as I use them for snowmobiling and love them, so have a look and be safe out there!

The new 509 Dirt Pro Goggles were designed on the foundation of the Sinister Snow Goggle, but made better and specifically for the dirt rider. 509 took a hard look at what the dirt rider needs and requires to perform at peak performance with performance optics and came up with the Dirt Pro Goggle, featuring silicone impregnated straps to keep the strap in place, 13 vents to keep the fresh air in the goggle yet keep the dust and dirt out, 3 tear away posts, a massive field of view with their new goggle frame, removable nose piece, single lens in a variety of colours, hinged strap mount for the perfect helmet/goggle fitment, lifetime warranty, 3 layer foam, and all that for under $50usd!

We are impressed with this goggle not only with its stylish looks but most importantly how it performs in the field. The 509 Dirt Pro Goggle gets a big thumbs up from PowerModz Quality Control.

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