Three in a Row

| August 1, 2013

Justin and Mark HallJustin and Mark Hall of Rock Hard Racing finished First place at the West Coast Finials of the W.E.Rock Western Rock Crawling Season in Goldendale Washington, securing the West Coast Unlimited Class Championship.  With three first place finishes in the bags, Justin is undefeated this season.

The courses in Goldendale were extremely tough, pushing each rig to their absolute limits. Matt Messer of Trail Gear broke his turbo 350 transmission on the first course of day one. With some outstanding camaraderie, Justin and the entire Unlimited class shut down and were all over helping Matt fix his buggy just so he could still be in the running. With Saturday coming to an end, Justin was in the lead by just a mere three points ahead of Matt Messer.  Come day two, Justin realizes that the front differential was literally starting to tear out of the axle housing. With some quick thinking he managed to borrow a welder from Todd Young, and proceeded to make a quick trail fix in hopes that welding some steel across it would last the rest of the event. About three gates into the first course, Justin cracks his oil pan. After finishing the course, Justin rushes back to the trailer to work on fixing the crack. Just like on Saturday, the Unlimited class shut down and waited for, Justin this time, to fix his buggy before starting the other courses. There really is no other sport that has this level of sportsmanship.
Going into the shootout course Justin was in the lead by 14 points ahead of Trail Gears Matt Messer. After Matt put down a score of zero on the shootout, Justin knew what he had to do, just finish the course with a 13 or lower and he would win. Laying down an impressive -7, clenched the win for Justin and his father Mark.
Justin and Mark will be at the W.E.Rock Grand Nationals on September 28th and 29th in Cortez, Colorado in hopes to bring home their first National Championship.
Justin would like to thank all his Sponsors: R&B Co., Raceline Wheels, Ruff Stuff Specialties, Trail Gear, FabWorks, ARB, JM Rigging, and Hughes Performance.
Photo credit goes to Josh England at Rise Above Photography
Justin Hall
2013 W.E.Rock Western Unlimited Class Champion
Team Rock Hard #713
Crawlin For Crohns


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