Arctic Cat Introduces the 50-inch-wide, 60+ HP, Wildcat Trail

| November 29, 2013

Arctic Cat Wildcat TrailBehold the Wildcat Trail. At 50 inches across, this narrower Wildcat widens your riding horizons. Any competitors? NOPE. The RZR® tries and fails – in power and in suspension travel. Plus it’s nowhere near as fun to ride.  Powered by a brand-new engine, the Arctic Cat designed inline twin pounds out 60-plus horsepower, beating the RZR’s claimed power-to-weight ratio by more than 10 percent (watch them race). What’s more, thanks to something the RZR doesn’t have – premium FOX® nitrogen gas-charge shocks and sway bars front and rear – the tightest curves are straightened out with confidence.

10 Inches of Ground Clearance 10.5 Inches of Rear Suspension Travel

10 inches is a lot of ground clearance. Add 10.5-inches of rear suspension travel and the 10-inches of front suspension travel and you’ll have the confidence go where others dare not.

2-Inch Receiver

You’re gonna be towing stuff. So naturally, we provide the receiver for your 2-inch hitch.

Arctic Cat Wildcat Trail - Front Suspension50 Inches Wide

Access to the narrower ends of the earth are off-limits to big Side by Sides. So we went to work on our measurements. The all new Wildcat Trail is 64.3 inches low, 110.5 inches long, 50 inches wide. Time to grab the trail by the steering wheel.

60-Plus Horsepower Twin Cylinder EFI Engine

This all-new Arctic Cat-designed 700 inline twin features EFI, 4 valves per cylinder and liquid cooling. This next-generation 60-plus horsepower engine (compared with the competition’s 53 HP) was designed specifically for the Wildcat Trail chassis. At 6.2 HP/100 lbs power-to-weight ratio, the Wildcat Trail dusts the under-powered competition in every drag race.

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