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November weather was around 75 at Glamis

I couldn’t really sit home on a nice weekend, much less a holiday weekend that draws thousands and thousands of people out to play.  No, I needed to move, I needed to try out the new 2010 Kawasaki Teryx, I needed to get sand between my toes.  So I loaded up and headed to an old home of mine:  Glamis, CA.

I wanted to go to Glamis for the whole week, but after the Baja trip I decided to make it a simple and short trip.  I loaded the Teryx up onto a flat bed and decided to sleep in the back seat of my truck.  I’d find food.  Old school.  Simple.  Easy.  Fast.

By noon on Friday my toes were in the sand!  Yea!  That is what I am talking about.  I parked behind my friends Big Belly Crew vendor trailer, took a minute to sit on the patio to eat my sandwich and embrace being back at one of my favorite places in the world, and then unloaded to start making the rounds.


Predator Offroad Buggy that I got a ride in

Before I was able to go anywhere I went out to the road to take a couple of pictures and got swept up by Eamon at Predator Offroad who wouldn’t take “no” for an answer when he told me I was taking a ride in his X-18 right then. Fine!  Wow! That vehicle can get it!  I have been watching them grow for a while, but had never had an opportunity to experience one ~ Check!  I am sure you will hear more about these vehicles.

I headed out to Oldsmobile (one of the biggest hills at Glamis) in the new 2010 Kawasaki Teryx.  It is a great vehicle.  I didn’t dune it aggressively this trip, but it sure has a lot of pop off the accelerator and the suspension absorbed the whoops and ruts of a busy weekend.  It sure turned a lot of heads!  I had people asking me all kinds of questions about it.  I even popped the hood for a few of them!

Steve from DASA with his Teryx

Steve from DASA with his Teryx

Oldmsobile was hopping.  I always like seeing pimped out UTV’s.  Everyone has a different need and wants a different look.  I got a lot of “fly by” pictures of them.  Be sure to check out the gallery.  I also got to see a lot of friends and industry folks out there.  Steve from DASA and I talked for a while about his Teryx and then he offered me a ride…of course!  Dang that thing is loud!  But it sure does get up the hill in a matter of seconds!

GlamisFab can fix anything to keep you playing all weekend

GlamisFab can fix anything to keep you playing all weekend

As it was getting close to dusk I headed back to Vendors Row and checked in with UNISTEER, Predator Offroad and UTV Crap.  In search of my friend Tim, I ended up at the Glamis Store where they were working on the water Well.  Everything to do with Glamis and the Store is run off generator and well.  There is no such thing as power or running water.  I stuck my head in at the GlamisFab Repair shop to say hi to Joe and the boys, and then was beckoned by Matt to head up for dinner.

If there was a Kings table at Glamis, I was sitting at it on Friday night eating Thanksgiving leftovers.  Bo is over 70 years old and is the main land owner of Glamis’ surrounding areas that is not BLM.  He has made a life out there for him and his daughter Jeannie.  Also at the table was Bo’s wife Bessie, Jerry, Tim, Matt, and some others that have been working at the store for years now.  Later Donny from REACH (the helicopter recovery company) joined us as well.

Big Belly Crew Supports UTVWeekly.com

Big Belly Crew Supports UTVWeekly.com

After a huge Thanksgiving dinner I went back to helping the boys with the well, and then made my exit to go visit more friends.  I dropped by the compound to see who from GlamisDunes.com was awake, then headed back to Big Belly Crew to put the Teryx away for the night.  It was campfire and cocktail time.

I mixed a drink then went across the street to GlamisSuperStore.com to see what new toys they had for sale, then over to see Shawn at Warrior Lifestyles and check in on the status of their new trailers.

The evening was filled with talk around the campfire and dodging the swirling smoke.  Sitting out in front of Big Belly Crew’s trailer is always entertaining.  People are by all night buying wood and whips and friends that I haven’t seen since last year dropped by to say Hi.

UTV Crap has everything that you need for your UTV

UTV Crap has everything that you need for your UTV

An early night to bed, and wind waking me up in the morning offered a long morning.  But soon enough the wind settled down a bit and I headed back over to Oldsmobile to see what was going on.  I sat by the drag bikes for a while smelling the sweet race fuel and listening to the ear piercing sound of side pipe two strokes attack the hill.

The weather was colder, and I had bypassed my 24 hour mark.  I dropped by on a few more friends and then loaded up the Teryx to head home.  It was a short trip, but it was a good homecoming.  (I did call Glamis my home for about 7 weeks two years ago.  I was one of the vendors on vendor row and gained friendships that will never be broken as long as the Glamis spell remains on the dunes.)

Unisteer came a long ways to check out Glamis

Unisteer came a long ways to check out Glamis

I made the three hour trip back home as simple as getting out there.  Backed the trailer up, and headed in the house for a quiet movie night.  But first a shower…I always enjoy when you get close to the steam you can smell the sweet smoke from the campfire the night before.

Warrior Lifestyles has a new trailer that will be hitting the dunes soon

Warrior Lifestyles has a new trailer that will be hitting the dunes soon

Jon was out earlier in the week… See his recap and photos here:


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