Customized Polaris RANGER HD Used To Attract New Members And Show Off Sponsored Accessories

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PRC Club's Polaris RANGER HD

The custom build was done in Ohio by PRC Ranger Club Rally Director Neal Hanger. The color was chosen by our PRC members via an on-forum poll. It is a custom orange/copper blend with flakes of gold and copper in the clear coat. It looks great in pictures, but you have to see it in the sunlight to really appreciate the beauty of this machine!

The PRC Ranger features an on-board compressor that shuts off at 200psi and has plenty of air for mounting tires and operating the double air horns.

The customized HD will be used for dealer shows, parades and about anyplace where it can be displayed to help PRC attract new members and show off the custom work and installed components for our members and sponsors.

The RANGER HD made its debut at the 2010 Polaris Dealer Show in Minnesota in July, 2009.

2009 Polaris RANGER HD

2009 Polaris RANGER HD


  • 2009 Polaris RANGER HD
  • RangerWare enclosure with turn-signals, heater, sunroof, tip-out windshield, dual panoramic arm windshield wiper system, windshield washer kit.
  • Rear lift kit
  • Forward A-arms
  • A-arm guards
  • Aluminum floor covers
  • Aluminum skid plate
  • ITP SS503 Wheels
  • 30” Dominator Tires
  • Custom gearshift and speedo bezel cover, billet hinges, tailgate latch, cup holders, gas cap and winch fairlead.
  • EX4500 Viper Elite Winch.
  • EFX speaker kit, kick panel speaker enclosures, subwoofer and center console sub-box and amplifier.
  • 7” HIDs
  • Custom muffler
  • Custom built wood rails with etched engraving by Randy Warren

2009 Polaris RANGER HD


About the PRC Ranger Club:

The PRC Ranger Club can be found on the web at: PRC’s goal is to provide a family oriented, internet based forum where Polaris Ranger owners from all over the world can come together and conduct open and friendly dialog between it’s members regarding all aspects of owning a Polaris Ranger.

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