King of the Hammers “Vacation”

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Talking with Past Winner Shannon Campbell

Why hasn’t the top photos changed? What is happening with UTV Weekly? Where has Charlene been?

I would be lying if I said on Vacation, but slightly.  I have had my head buried deep into one of the awesomest off road races in the United States.  The race that has transformed the way that people think of off road racing.  The race that we have teased you with the name, but haven’t thrown the gauntlet at you…  the King of the Hammers.

I am very proud to say that I was hired by Jeff Knoll and Dave Cole the founders of the King of the Hammers to help with the event side of the project.  It has been a long road coming, and why you here at UTV Weekly may have heard more about the vehicle side than you may have wanted to from a UTV perspective.  But, well, heck, I had a vested interest in making it as big as I could, and it is bitchin!

On the Set of Pirate4x4 TV Live!

So the last three weeks have been pretty much insane.  I spent 15 days in the desert preparing, executing and then recovering this last week from a cold, a cough and just pure adrenaline let down.  I apologize to you that the top pictures have not changed, but we did keep the information rolling.

Jon Crowley Ready for Pit Bull Tires UTV King of the Hammers Race

Jon was also a major part of this race and spent a week in the desert, from the racer perspective.  He experienced what a racer gets to experience every weekend, and complete the build that you saw on UTV Weekly TV in December.  He had his challenges, but they still finished!  Quite an accomplishment!  Thanks to Jon the information kept rolling on here for you to stay at the cusp of the UTV industry.

UTV Weekly is gearing up for another great month.  We missed our taping of the February UTV Weekly TV with being in the desert, but have already started putting together an awesome show for March including a great segment on King of the Hammers.  I have some great articles from Shannon that will be posted up, and I have a whole bunch of adventures of my own with the Kawasaki Teryx that I will be sharing with you.

2010 Griffin King of the Hammers

We are also working on our 2010 calendar with all of the events that are coming up.  Please email us if you have one that needs to be added to the calendar.  You never know where we might show up!

As always, I encourage you to submit your stories and pictures of how you use your UTV!  We want to see, and want to share!

Thank you for your patience with our slight vacation…hold on…here we go again!


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