For the third year running RCH Designs and Moab Diner team up to raise funds for land use.

| May 25, 2013

RCH DesignsRCH Designs & Moab Diner together with automotive industry partners raise funds to benefit saving trails and land use in Moab – raising over $5,500 to be donated to the BlueRibbon Coalition.
“We started working with the general manager, James Butterfield, at the Moab Diner back in 2010.  We designed and printed a custom shirt specifically for Easter Jeep Safari that their entire staff wore and displayed all week.  This is a straightforward and simple program we put together, no fluff or hidden agendas.  Our goal is to raise as much money as we can from shirt sales to keep what I call ‘Gods country of four wheeling’ open for years and years to come,” stated Ryan Hagel, owner RCH Designs.
In the past we had limited the number of sponsors and tried to match manufacturers in effort to not have two competitors in the same field.  This worked well for the first couple years allowing us to raise and donate approximately two-thousand dollars to the BlueRibbon Coalition.
Moab 1This year RCH decided to open up the playing field – welcoming all competitors. “If our intent is to raise money for this cause, I would only be going against the goal if we limit willing companies, said Hagel.  We all have a passion for this industry and I could only hope that if manufacturers wanted to get involved then we/they could set differences aside in the competitive business world that we live in and join forces together on this cause.”
100% of the money that we received from the sponsors for their logo placement was put towards buying shirts.  $8 from each t-shirt sale goes towards our goal of raising funds and awareness for keeping trails open for 4-wheel and general off road use.
In effort to make sure the funds raised were put to good use and managed appropriately RCH Designs again, thanks to the efforts of Del and Stacie Albright, chose the BlueRibbon Coalition as the designated entity to receive the donated funds and direct those funds back to the community of Moab and the fight to keep 4-wheeling / off-road trails open for everyone.
Moab 2Thanks Del, Stacie and the entire team at BlueRibbon Coalition for your constant fight and promotion to keep our trails open, not only in Moab but nationwide.
The other $5 from each t-shirt sale is split between management and the servers at the Diner as an incentive to keep promoting them to each and every person that comes through the door.  It’s the least we can do for the unwavering and ongoing support we get from the Diner.
“This is what Moab Diner is all about ‘stuff that matters’,” said James Butterfield. “And it’s statements like this that keep us looking forward to next year, and the next, and…,” commented Hagel.
The more public trails and open land that close in Moab and across the United States has a direct impact on the sale of off road parts / products and anything associated with this market niche, which is how we all earn a living.
Moab 3We could not make this happen without the Moab Diner & our passionate industry partners that sponsored this t-shirt program.  Thank you all!
RCH Designs, located in a 6,000 sq foot facility in Huntington Beach, CA, is a full service photography studio, marketing/advertising specialist, concept development, consulting, public relations, graphic and web design organization.
Located at 189 South Main Street in Moab, Utah. “Home of the Best Green Chili in Utah!”

Elements such as Teamwork, Respect, Character, Commitment to Quality, consistency, and a comfortable environment express the foundation of who we are and what you can expect as a guest of the Moab Diner.

The BlueRibbon Coalition is a national recreation group that champions responsible recreation, and encourages individual environmental stewardship. With members in all 50 states, BRC is focused on building enthusiast involvement with organizational efforts through membership, outreach, education, and collaboration among recreationists. 1-800-BlueRib –


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